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Just because someone knows how to speak English does not mean they are equipped to teach English to others. Our program is centered around 3 international certificates which will help you acquire the necessary skills and credentials to improve your teaching career abroad.

Recent studies show the importance for a teacher to travel to a country that speaks the language they plan to teach to fully immerse themselves in the language and to complete their teaching studies. By participating in a few different programs one can become certified in FCE, CAE, TOEIC, TOEFL or even CPE, however none of these show your ability to teach English to a non english speaker.

The program is divided into 2 parts:

1- You will have classes on our campus in Salt Lake City, Utah with our highly skilled certified english speaking instructors

2- As part of this program you will also be working on your TESOL/TEFL certification. This is an international certificate, which requires 120 hours which can be completed while you are with us in the United States.

The student will be able to complete both parts of the program while here in the United States and, after finishing the program, will receive 3 certifications. At the end of the program the student will also be taking the ECT “English Certification Test”, proctored by Brigham Young University and administered by Lumos

  • The candidate must have high school completed, however this is not required because it depends on the requirements to teach in each different individual country.
  • The candidate must have a good understanding of the english language, as presentations and lesson plans will be required to be prepared by the student during the program.
  • Each candidate must have a minum score of 80 points in the TOEFL IBT/ or a 65 on the LUMOS (EPT) as well as a video conference interview in english.
  • Any teachers interested in participating in this program should join one of our weekly webinars where we answer all questions and give you more details about the program and requirements.

Winter 2018 | January 15th – February 9th

Summer 2018 | July 2nd – July 27th

Winter 2019 | January 14th – February 8th

Summer 2019 | July 1st – July 26th

4 Week Program – $1,700

Course Features

TESOL/TEFL Certification
Brigham Young University ECT Certification
Lumos Participation Certificate
Qualified and Experienced Instructors
Multimedia Center Access
CLT Training
Teach Classes in the United States
Visa Assistance