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Want to Represent Lumos and make money? Want to refer your friends to study at Lumos and get a discount off your tuition? Become a Lumos Representative. Fill out the form below and we will be in contact within 24-48 hours with more information about our representative program.

Our goal is to help students achieve their academic goals reaching proficiency in English. Our program is designed not only to give the student the ability to speak English, but also to prepare the student academically to continue their educational and professional path with success and confidence.

Our Institution in Salt Lake City is among the very few ETS Exam Centers in the United States. Lumos students not only have the benefit of preparing for the TOEFL and GRE exams at our school with specialized instructors, but once ready, they can also enjoy the benefit of taking the official exam in the same computer labs where they have been practicing and studying. Consider it a little home-field advantage when its exam time.

Lumos Language School has produced exceptional learning outcomes in recent years. Our students have moved on to many North American Universities and have had very successful careers. We offer you the best educational facilities designed to help you learn English rapidly and efficiently. We also offer a multimedia resource center which enhances the interactive learning development of your language skill free to all students. Become a Lumos Representative.