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One of the biggest challenges of administering an English school is what to do to make yourself stand out from the competition and how to keep the students engaged in the program.

This too was our biggest challenge here at Lumos Language School and after many trials we feel we have the right formula, which has worked for the last 8 years.

The first step was to develop a solid curriculum with the objectives of combining the acquisition of the knowledge of the English language with the practice of the language academically.

Second, we looked for teachers that have at least a bachelors in teaching English as a second language. All our teachers have superior educational qualifications with an emphasis in English. During their first year at our school all teachers are required to complete and receive their TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. This will help prepare them to have a high professional quality of training.

Our program offers a total of 300 classroom hours every semester with 20 hours per week specializing in Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading and Grammar. We use teaching materials from companies such as Pearson, Cengage and National Geographic.

In 2011, Lumos Language School was accredited by SEVP (Student Exchange Visa Program) a credential that allows the school to take care of all the documentation so that the students can come to the United States with a Student Visa. With this the student will be in an institution that is monitored by the Department of Education and also the United States Immigration.

In 2014, Lumos Language School received the certificate of accreditation after three years of hard work. This certificate granted by ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continue Education and Training), certifies that our program is solid and legitimate.With this credential Universities such as Dixie State University, Independence University and Steven-Henegar College, recognize our program as satisfactory to accept the transfer of our students without the traditional proficiency English test such as TOEFL. This guarantees to our students a fast and safe transition to superior learning in a University in the United States.

Today we have about 450 students registered annually representing over 18 countries.

Gilbert Gaertner II
CEO, Lumos Language School