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Lumos Language School offers 7 different English proficiency levels through our Intensive English Program. All Lumos Programs are taught by qualified, trained, TESOL certified instructors with vast experience in teaching the English language to students all over the world. The Intensive English Program was designed for F-1 International Students who are looking for a deep development in their language skills and a desire to have the English language as an important tool to their personal lives, and academic or professional careers.  Whether you are preparing to take the TOEFL to attempt to be admitted into an American college or university or simply just want to improve your knowledge of the English language this is the ideal program for you. This program is designed to prepare students for successful study in university level degree programs and for everyday communication.

The Intensive English Program offers 18 classroom hours per week and each semester has a duration of 15 weeks for a total of 270 total classroom hours per semester. Using Communicative Language Training (CLT) as our methodology we strive to give our students  practical and modern language training. We work to provide a welcoming and supportive learning environment for each one of our students. Students in the Intensive English Program will also practice presentation techniques useful in both academic and professional settings. Program objectives for all levels include Grammar, Reading, Writing and Composition, Listening Comprehension, Conversation and  Vocabulary Development.

Classes are offered Monday through Thursday from 9:00am – 1:30 pm, morning, or in the evenings from 5:00pm – 9:30pm. Before starting this program each student will be required to take an English placement test to determine in which level they will begin their program. Each level has the length period of one semester, after each semester students will advance to the following level if they receive a passing grade.

Full Semester (15 Weeks) – $1,800

Subsequent Semesters (15 Weeks) – $1,600

4 Week Program Only – $700

Books and Materials* – $180

Application Fee – $50

Mailing Fee* – $80

Program Features

7 Different English Proficiency Levels
18 Classroom Hours per Week
Day & Evening Classes
Experienced & Qualified Instructors
Access to Campus Library & Multimedia Center
Modern CLT Methodology
Placement & Exit Tests
F1 Student Visa Assistance
TOEFL Preparation