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Academic Questions
academic questions

Lumos Language School offers 7 different English proficiency levels from beginner Level 1 to Advance Level English.

If you are studying at Lumos Language School with an F1 International Student Visa you are required to follow the begin and end dates according to the Academic Calendar for the semester you are enrolled in. Please see Attendance Policy for more info.

F1 International Students are eligible to take a 1 semester break after attending 2 full consecutives semesters either at Lumos Language School or combined with a previous semester at another institution.

Please see our Placement Test Policy for more info.

Students need to complete and participate in at least 70% of the course work in order to advance.

Please see our Attendance Policy for details about tardies and absences.

Please see our Grading Policy for details.

Students are required to have their books with them in class, however, they’re not required to buy their books from the school. Students who choose not to purchase their books from the school are responsible for making sure they have all the correct needed course material within the first 2 weeks of the beginning of the semester.

Tuition Questions
tuition questions

Returning students receive a discount of $200 on any semester after their first. 1st semester cost is $1,800 with subsequent semesters costing only $1,600 thereafter.

Yes, tuition payment plans are available and can be arranged during registration. Please see Tuition Policy for more info.

Please see our Tuition Policy for more info.

Student Visa Questions
imigration questions

Since 2014 Lumos Language School has been accredited by ACCET and is authorized to issue I-20’s to accepted applicants.

Lumos offers a variety of videos in different languages giving great tips and instruction to students preparing for their interview. Watch Here.

Although Lumos does offer assistance for individuals wanting to apply for a change of status, it is not always available. Please contact us for more information.

Once Lumos issues you an I-20, it is then up to the consulate in your country to continue the process. For most students, it is a relatively quick process. However, we encourage you to contact the consulate in your home country for more details.

Yes. Although requirements will be different than those for F1 Visa students Residents and Tourist Visa holders are allowed to attend Lumos.

Students with an F1 Visa are not allowed to travel during the semester. They must wait until their break to do so. Some exceptions may apply. Please see our Break Policy for more info.

Other Questions
living questions

Students are required to take of their own living arrangements while studying at Lumos. The school can offer assistance in finding American host families, apartments or rooms. Please contact Lumos Trip for more information.

To facilitate the travel needs of our students Lumos offers exclusive student discounts on travel arrangements through Lumos Trip. Please contact us for more info.

Yes, airport pickup is just one of the many services Lumos offers our students through Lumos Trip.

Lumos can offer assistance in finding student approved apartments in Utah. Contact us for more info.

Lumos Langauge School has a wide variety of cultures and countries represented in our student body. From semester to semester this number may vary from 15-25 different countries.

Although Lumos does not require students to carry health insurance we have great industry partners we can refer our students to.

Both Lumos Language School campuses are strategically located near public transportation stops of various kinds as well as provide plenty of parking for those planning on driving their own vehicles.

No, parents are responsible to arrange their own child care. Unfortunately children are not allowed on campus during class hours.

Yes, Lumos Language School offers a large cafeteria where students can purchase snacks and prepare food during their breaks.

Lumos Language School offers a Multimedia Center open to students with a wide variety of teaching programs. Lumos also offers a library with thousands of books for our students to chose from to check out at no additional cost.

Lumos Language School provides our students with an Academic Advisor who will meet with each student to establish goals, answer college admission questions and help guide you in your academic path. Throughout each semester Lumos also hosts different college and universities to meet with our students and answer any questions they may have.