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Since 2006

Our goal is to help students achieve their academic goals reaching proficiency in English. Our program is designed not only to give the student the ability to speak English, but also to prepare the student academically to continue their educational and professional path with success and confidence.

Lumos Language School has been working hard to become a great teaching institution since 2006 in the Salt Lake City Metropolitan area averaging an enrollment of over 1000 international students per year. Lumos Language School programs are officially accredited by ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training).

We offer an efficient teaching system and methodology. Lumos’ English System advocates competency in the English language acquisition evident in any of the program you enroll in. Our main objective is developing your ability to communicate effectively and we are committed to exceeding our students expectations and goals to reach proficiency. At Lumos Language School you will be learning from qualified and experienced teachers who hold degrees from various Universities and Colleges.

Our Institution in Salt Lake City is among the very few ETS Exam Centers in the United States. Lumos students not only have the benefit of preparing for the TOEFL  exam at our school with specialized instructors, but once ready, they can also enjoy the benefit of taking the official exam in the same computer labs where they have been practicing and studying. Consider it a little home field advantage when its exam time.

Lumos Language School has produced exceptional learning outcomes in recent years. Our students have moved on to many North American Universities and have had very successful careers.

The facilities at Lumos Language School are well equipped to attend your needs and provide a positive learning environment. We also offer a multimedia resource center which enhances the interactive learning development of your language skill free to all students.

Mission: The mission of Lumos Language School is to enable success by giving students access to a superior learning experience that prepares them to enter the academic world with confidence and outstanding language capacity.

Goals: 1. Strengthen Discipline Teaching Practical Skills: To provide intensive English as a second language teaching that will help students meet academic, professional and personal goals. The Lumos Language School ESL Program is designed to provide non-native English speaking students with the resources and opportunities to develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to a level appropriate for university study and to equip them with the academic strategies necessary for a successful study in a language and culture that may differ from their native language and/or culture. There is a particular emphasis on the skills necessary for students to meet standards on the College English Test Assessment like TOEFL, MELAB. 2. Cultivate a Nurturing Environment: To encourage students to learn about American language and culture. The goal is to prepare students for success in school and in society through the development of cultural awareness.